What Will You Learn at the Profitable Blogging Summit? 

Blogging isn't what it used to be five years ago.

It can be all too easy to get lost chasing pageviews, platforms, and profits. How do you keep up? 

By learning from top bloggers and industry professionals. In 30+ sessions from bloggers, social media experts, brand representatives, and more you will get specific and actionable tools to help YOU become a more profitable blogger. They will pull back the curtain and share what has worked for them and how you can tweak that to work for YOU.  

No matter whether you are just starting out or wanting to expand on your already profitable platform, you will walk away with practical knowledge you can apply to your blog and your long-term goals. 

The best part? IT'S FREE. Register now and tell your blogging buddies! 


Is this really free?

Yes! And unlike a normal blogging conference where each session is a specific time and then [POOF!] gone, you'll have 24 hours to access each session. You can watch on your own time. Plus we'll offer a lifetime access pass you can purchase to watch after the summit has ended-- for LESS than the price of any blog conference around. This is MAXIMIM value. 

Who is running this show?

Your hosts are Kirsten Oliphant and Paula Rollo. They have put together a stellar list of bloggers and other professionals to answer YOUR questions and address YOUR struggles. The sessions will be a mix of presentations and interviews hosted by Kirsten. 

Who are the speakers?

You'll hear from Amy Schmittauer, Summer Tannhauser,  Taylor Bradford, Andrea Beltrami, Caressa Lenae, Suzi Whitford, Katie Krimitsos, Kate Ahl, Kara Carerro, and MORE. 

How does an online summit work?

Each day of the summit you'll receive an email with links to that day's sessions. You can watch those at any time for 24 hours. Each session will be 30-45 minutes of value-packed information and training. Simply sign up now and wait for the emails so you can watch each session!

What if I can't watch all the videos?

I know-- we have a LOT of sessions.  Like many blogging conferences, we will offer a lifetime virtual access pass so you can watch the videos again and again--forever. We will have special deals for the lifetime access pass, so keep an eye on the emails!

How is this different from a regular blog conference?

Rather than having to pay for travel and meals and child care, you can watch from the comfort of your home on YOUR time. Conferences are fabulous for networking, but the purpose of THIS summit is to provide you with value-packed content that you can apply NOW. You won't have to worry about passing out business cards or making lunch dates. Plus, you won't have to choose between breakout sessions scheduled for the same time slot. You can watch them all for FREE!